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Dent Mobile has been working with insurance companies for years.  We can save your deductible in many cases--lowering, or even eliminating--your out of pocket costs.  Let us help deal with your insurance company.


we work with insurance claims for pdr repair


Did you know you can use any paintless dent repair shop or body shop you want?  Sometimes, your insurance company will not tell you that.  In some cases, they will even imply that you have to use their company.  And a troubling trend is that some insurance companies today actually OWN the shop they "refer" you too.  As you may well be thinking by now, this is a terrible conflict of interest.

The way this typically happens, for instance, is that you receive a phone call after the adjuster has looked at your vehicle. The insurance company representative may say something like, "You can expect a call from Bob at ABC Repair in the next two days".  Since the law says you can pick your own repair company, (in most areas), if this is what you are told, ask them specifically why you can't use who you want?  If they still try to tell you you don't have a choice, you might want to call the insurance regulatory entity for your area, and ask them. 

Of course, if you are happy with who they "suggest", that's a different matter.  But, you can be sure you will pay the whole deductible in that case.  Some repair shops will work with you to reduce, or even eliminate, your deductible, so you have less out of pocket cost.  We gladly do so at Dent Mobile, but whoever you use, we recommend you shop around, and ask the right questions.

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